In my dreams, I’m free – Nebelhexë


 In my dreams I am free, I am everywhere, could my life just be in my dreams, I need no food, no money, I just am and see, experience. Each night I am in a different reality, in a different situation, I play different roles. I am somewhere else each night, in places that do not have names, do they exist? In real life, in another world? Where do the places in my head come from? The people? Every night is a journey to somewhere so familiar and yet unknown. Have I ever been there? It is just the torment of awakening, to find out I have been out there, living, experiencing, life is so much more exciting, easy, everything is possible and I am free, free of this same everyday life over and over again, this invisible walls that hold me captured. Waking to the real day life and live the same days over and over again, no change, like a repeat..

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